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Our City water system is provided with water from seven (7) city-owned deep basaltic wells. Water is pumped from our wells to one of three water storage reservoirs. From there it enters the distribution system. We maintain approximately 39.5 miles of water distribution lines. Our system provides high quality potable water that is sufficient in quantity for drinking, residential, commercial, industrial customers as well as meeting the fire protection needs of our community.

The city employs staff trained and certified by the Oregon Health Division Water Program to ensure we are providing quality drinking water to our citizens. Staff performs daily monitoring and maintenance, water sampling and analysis to preventative maintenance affecting our wells and reservoirs, main lines, meters, valves, hydrants, leak detection, etc. We take responsibility for the water system until it reaches the meter. After water reaches the meter it is the customer’s responsibility to contact a plumber for repairs as necessary.

Current Water Rates (as of July 1, 2023)

Annual Water Quality Reports

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New Water Meters - Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)
The City is in the process of installing new water meters for all water customers.  This swap-over will happen over a few years.  The new water meters send water usage data automatically into a cloud-based software that is available to both the water utility and customers.  City water customers can download a smartphone app to access information on their water use.  The app is called Eye on Water by Badger.  Linked below are flyers for how to install the app on either your Iphone or Android device.  The flyer also has instructions on how to setup your account and link your City water account.  In order to get full use out of the benefits of these meters and avoid an inaccessible meter and/or re-read fees please do not park on or over your water meter at any time. This includes keeping weeds, landscaping, leaves and debris and anything else that may find its way there clear from the top of the meter lid at all times.

Eye on Water Flyer - English

Eye on Water Flyer - Spanish


Water Line Repairs – Shut Off’s
During times of inclement weather we ask that in the case you do not have water you contact a plumber. When in doubt, please contact the city and DO NOT TURN THE METER OFF YOURSELF. During business hours temporary water meter shut offs are a complimentary service we offer our customers in order to make repairs. After regular business hours please call the Police Department as a non-emergency call at 541-938-8258. After hours call outs may be subject to a minimum $75.00 fee.  See below for information on new water services.

Call Before You Dig!

As a farmer, homeowner, or excavator, you are required by law to make contact with underground facility owners before you excavate. If you are planning on excavating please 811 or 1-800-332-2344.  CALL TWO FULL BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE YOU DIG


Water Conservation

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