House Bill 2017 Street Improvement Projects

Construction Ahead!

The City is working on projects funded by House Bill 2017.  These projects include street improvements and installing new sidewalks.  For the 2024 project season, the City will be working on Robbins Street between N Main Street and NE 6th Ave.  The Robbins Street project includes new water and sewer mainlines, rebuilding the street and installing ADA curb ramps.  See project map below.

WHEN is this going to happen?

The Robbins Street project will start around April 15 and will continue until late July, 2024.  

HOW is this being funded?

Back in 2018 the City was notified of being the recipient of funding from Oregon Legislature House Bill 2017 in the amount of $3 MILLION DOLLARS for use specifically within the city limits of Milton-Freewater for specific pre-approved transportation projects. We were beyond thrilled to receive these funds! So far these funds have covered the cost of the chip seal from the traffic light at the intersection of SW 2nd and S. Main/Hwy 11 north to East Broadway west to North Main East on NE 8th Avenue and North on Lamb Street to the northerly city limits. So far the chip sealing along with permitting, advertising, engineering and construction bids bring the total expenses to just under half of the $3 million leaving just over $1.5 million dollars to complete the remaining pre-approved projects listed within the agreement. We have until August 2023 to wrap up all projects eligible under this funding.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during construction. If you have any questions you can reach us at 541-938-8270, 8272 or 8274.


Completed Projects:

The projects will affect all that travel along, reside or visit North Elizabeth Street from NE 5th north to City Limits; Dahlia Street; Walnut Street from SE 15th south to SE 18th; SW 8th Ave from Pierce west to Jacquelyn; SE 12th Avenue (east of S. Mill) to end of existing pavement and Chestnut Street south of SE 12th Ave to Thorn Avenue.

North Elizabeth & Dahila - A new sidewalk will be installed from NE 5th Ave near Safeway and continue north along N. Elizabeth to city limits.  A new sidewalk will be constructed on the south side of Dahila

SE 12th Ave, Chestnut St and Walnut St - These streets will be overlayed with new asphalt.  Some of the sidewalk curb ramps will be updated to meet current standards.

SW 8th Ave - A new sidewalk will be installed on the north side of SW 8th Ave between Pierce St and Jacquelyn St.  SW 8th Ave will also be overlayed with new asphalt after the sidewalk is constructed.