Electric Department

Line crew placing coverup over energized lines

The City of Milton-Freewater has the oldest municipal electric utility in the state, having been in operation since 1889.

City Light & Power works very hard to maintain low electric rates which are one of the lowest power rates in the northwest. The City began purchasing power from Bonneville Administration in 1946 and also contracts with Grant County PUD for a share of the output of the Priest Rapids and Wanapum Dams. Milton-Freewater City Light & Power serves approximately 4550 customers with average annual sales of 118,000,000 KWH.

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Utility Billing Questions call 541-938-5531 then press 1


Cut off for Non-payment call Finance Department at 541-938-5531 then press 1


Report An Outage

It does not happen often, but when it does you should know the correct procedure for reporting an electric outage.

First: CHECK YOUR ELECTRICAL PANEL- If you should experience a service interruption the first thing to do is to check your fuses or breakers to make sure the problem is not with your own equipment.

Next: CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR NEIGHBORS HAVE SERVICE - This gives us some idea of the extent of the outage when you call in.

Then: Call Milton-Freewater City Light & Power 
            During working hours ( M-F 7am-4pm) call the Electric Department at (541) 938-8232
            After hours contact Police Dispatch at (541) 938-5511

Street light out?

In case of a nonfunctioning street light, let us know. CLick Here to Submit a repair request or call Rental/Street Light Repair call (541) 938-8232


Click here for New Electric Service Information
Click Here for Rental Light Agreement



Call Before You Dig!

As a farmer, homeowner, or excavator, you are required by law to make contact with underground facility owners before you excavate. If you are planning on excavating please 811 or 1-800-332-2344. CALL TWO BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE YOU DIG


Planting a tree near or under a powerline? The utility recommends considering what type of tree to plant and where to plant the tree to prevent future conflicts with the overhead powerlines. For information on recommend trees to plant Click Here for more information.

Energy Assistance Program

Milton-Freewater City Light & Power’s Energy Assistance Program is managed in cooperation with Milton-Freewater Ministerial Association(MFMA) to help qualifying customers with paying their utility bills. The money received through this program stays in Milton-Freewater. If you are a customer interested in helping others, contact the billing office to get a pledge form to will out. City Light & Power will add the amount to your bill each month for as long as you wish. Or you may send a check payable to “Energy Assistance Program” for whatever amount you wish. ALL DONATIONS RECEIVED WILL BE MATCHED BY CITY LIGHT & POWER (up to $5,000). Your contribution is fully tax deductible. Of course, there is no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

Uitility Assistance Program

Please contact the Milton-Freewater Ministerial Association (MFMA) to see if you may qualify for help through several local programs. The MFMA is acting as the City’s agent for qualifying utility customers for our Utility Bill Assistance Program. They can also direct you to other programs that can help customers through these trying times. To contact the MFMA please call 541-701-1925 or 509-540-7824. The key point in these programs is for customers who need assistance to ask for help BEFORE their services are shut off. If customers wait until their services are shut off for non-payment it doubles the cost to get services turned back on. This greatly reduces the number of families that can receive the help they need.


Scholarship Program

An opportunity for individuals interested in the outside power lineman, electrical engineering or line staking technician trade to receive one $2,000 scholarship to an accredited line college; graduate or undergraduate course of study at an accredited college, university, or vocational/technical school of the recipients choice. Funding for this program is provided by donations from City Light & Power Linemen and from the City of Milton-Freewater Electric Department Community Support Fund. The scholarship application is due April 5, 2024 by 4pm. 

 Click here for Scholarship packet


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