Budget Committee

Budget Committee: Under Authority of ORS 294.336, 3 Year Term



Meets in spring of each year in the evenings/Contact: leanne.steadman@milton-freewater-or.gov


   Members                                                                                Term Expires

Mike Charlo      02/01/25
Emily Holden      02/01/27
Vickie Becker      02/01/27
Paul Seaquist      02/01/27
Julie Culjak      02/01/26
Kay West      02/01/25
vacant      02/01/25

Committee members are comprised of the Mayor and City Council, plus up to seven citizen representatives. The Committee convenes in the spring of each year to consider the preliminary budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Most are evening meetings. The Committee makes recommendations to the City Council who adopts the budget. Budget Committee members must be residents of the City.  Members are appointed by the Mayor, with approval by the Council.