City Council Goals

2017 - 2022

Adopted 1/9/17

  • Complete succession planning for retiring staff and evaluate departmental organizational structures

  • Pursue implementation of Hispanic Advisory Council or Liaison

  • Investigate technological improvement in all departments

    • Portable internet for the Library

    • Public Works & Planning GIS system

    • Increase the percentage of use of e-bills (encourage with incentive)

  • Continue to collaborate and partner to protect the basin’s water resources

  • Continue to partner/cooperate/collaborate with MFDA/Chamber

  • Explore re-establishment of Urban Renewal District

    • Possibly the “hyphen district”

  • Review and possibly revise overall code enforcement programs and policies

    • Abatement resolution program using community service crews and more private property owner involvement

Electric Department
  • Planning/exploring for distributed energy resources for ourselves and our customers

Parks and recreation goals
  • Implement point of sale software for Golf Course

    • Public sales data

    • Private sales data

    • Shared data

  • Explore the possibility of establishment of Parks and Recreation District

  • Explore infrastructure fee dedicated to parks and recreation through utility billing

  • Explore possibility of placing a Parks and Recreation Local Option Tax on ballot

  • Explore re-establishment of Parks and Recreation Supervisor position

  • Plan for funding of bicycle and walking path lanes within the City

    • Park to park and school to school

Police Goals
  • Explore feasibility of construction of new police station on city property (lot west of City Hall)

  • Explore feasibility of partnering with M-F School District in implementation of School Resource Officer

  • Revitalization of Reserve Police Officer program revitalization

  • Continued commitment to increase drug/crime enforcement

Public works
  • Seek grant funding to camera the entire City sewer system

  • Secure permanent long-term funding source for streets/maintenance and construction

  • Seek funding for implementation of infrastructure improvements

    • Seismic upgrade to City Hall building

    • Elevator for public access to all upper floors at City Hall