Utility Assistance Program during COVID-19 shut down

City of Milton-Freewater Utility Customers

Due to circumstances caused by the Covid 19 shut down we realize that many of our customers are or will be facing financial hardship. If you or someone you know is having financial hardship due to the shutdown, we are asking that you contact the Milton-Freewater Ministerial Association (MFMA) at (541)701-1925 or (509)540-7824 for help with your utility bill.

The MFMA is acting as the City’s agent for qualifying utility customers for our Utility Bill Assistance Program. Recently, due to the shutdown the government has allocated additional funding for help with various portions of the utility bill. For instance, MFMA has received a grant to help with the entire utility bill and CAPECO has received additional funding to help pay for electric bills. By utilizing both of these additional funding sources we are able to help more citizens during this time of need. The MFMA can help customers qualify for this additional help.

The key point in these programs is for customers who need assistance to ask for help BEFORE their services are shut off. If customers wait until their services are shut off for non-payment it doubles the cost to get services turned back on. This greatly reduces the number of families that can receive the help they need.

Together we will make it through this difficult time.