State of Oregon 2020 Flood Recovery Relief Fund

A cooperative effort between the City of Milton-Freewater, Blue Mountain Community Foundation and the Milton-Freewater Ministerial Association.

General Information

A grant has been procured from the State of Oregon to assist in the costs of the repair to primary residents and attached curtilage damaged in the February 2020 flood of the Walla Walla River (including the north and south forks) and the Oregon side of Mill Creek.

The intention of this grant is to assist in returning the primary residence to a sanitary and functional pre-flood condition.

Application will be available 1 May 2020.

The cut off date to accept applications is 29 May 2020 at dark.

To receive an application please contact:

Mr. Mike Watkins, City of Milton-Freewater

541-938-8231 (office) or 509-520-9987 (cell)


Rev Dr. Tillie MakePeace, Milton-Freewater Ministerial Association

541-701-1925, best phone


There is a part-time job available for the duration of this project as a data clerk. If you know someone or yourself who loves spreadsheets, please call Tillie MakePeace. 541-701-1925