City Manager Update

UPDATE ON City Manager Recruitment

The Council has contracted with Prothman, a professional recruiting agency headquartered in Issaquah, Washington.

On November 8 and 9 the City hosted open meetings for anyone and everyone to offer their input on what qualities and qualifications they wanted to see in a city manager. Cliff Moore, the representative from Prothman who is leading this recruitment took notes from all the input offered at these meetings to compile a position profile. This profile will be used to develop a recruitment flyer that will be circulated nationwide to over 7,000 intended targets. The profile will then be posted on the Prothman website the week of December 11th.

The position advertising and active recruitment by Prothman staff will begin in earnest January 2nd. The decision was made to delay that heavy push and recruitment outreach until after the holidays in order to give the City its best chance at recruiting the very most qualified candidates. Their experience indicates that advertising vacant positions is not as successful over the holidays. Most people are concentrating on spending time with friends and family, not looking for jobs.

January 10th will begin the direct mailing of the position announcement and profile to a massive target of potential candidates.

The deadline for the applicants to apply will be February 4th, with Prothman screening the applications the weeks of February 5th and 12th.

Prothman will then share the top candidates with the Council the Week of February 20th and dates will be set for interviews.

Interviews will likely be held in March, with an intended start date of your new Manager being sometime in April.

Comments can be submitted for the recruitment at